Wednesday, August 22, 2012

House Shoes "Empire" 7 inch (500 Limited)

Originally made available exclusively to subscribers of Wax Poetics Japan, this extremely limited vinyl will be available for purchase for the first time.

"Empire/The Locusts" 7 inch single features personal favorites from House Shoes' recent debut album release Let It Go as well as The Makings compilation.

"Empire", the second track from House Shoes' debut album Let It Go, is the fullest representation of House Shoes from his production to his background. The single showcases something consisting solely of his production, while weaving together a story about the musical movements to come out of Detroit and his continuing efforts to expand the empire of Detroit Hip-Hop.

"The Locusts" from The Makings showcases one of House Shoes' favorite beats that he's created. Using the original 2 track beat tape version first made back 1998-99, the single features the beat in its original, raw form – burned straight to cd from Shoes' MPC2000XL right after making the beat.

"Empire / The Locusts" 7 inch is now available at

The Intern "Headphone Diaries" beat tape

Our good friend, Mathis "The Intern" Peckedrath has released his beat tape called "Headphone Diaries."

Friday, August 10, 2012

New instrumental project from Fonetik Simbol

Icelandic producer Fonetik Simbol, brings us a brand new instrumental project. 13 beats crafted with great variation in typical Fonetik style. Soulful, electronic boom bap. Check it out here:

Fonetik has collaborated a lot with Co$$, producing the singles 'Spaceman' and 'Khakis & Taylors' as well as mixtape tracks such as 'Word Is Born', 'Sinful' and 'Let's Begin' Ft. Sene.
Co$$'s debut album is available in all good record stores and on Itunes

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

House Shoes Updates

There has been a lot of activity from House Shoes recently. First, we have a new music video to share with you from Shoes' debut album Let It Go. Directed by Greg Ponstingl comes a video for the song 'Castles' featuring Jimetta Rose.

For those who still haven't bought the debut album, another track from Let It Go has been leaked for your consideration.

House Shoes has been conducting a lot of interviews lately as well, and two of the most recent comes from Stones Throw and a video interview series with Abraham Beltran on Shoes' youtube channel.

Click here for the interview with Stones Throw where House Shoes discusses Djing vs producing, meeting PB Wolf, and J Dilla's legacy. Thank you to the folks at Stones Throw for conducting the interview.

Check out the video below for the first part in a series of interviews to come. This first part delves into House Shoes' early years and how he was introduced to Detroit Hip-Hop.