Friday, April 6, 2012

Updates from House Shoes and Paten Locke

House shoes upcoming shows:
'Shoes will be spinning in San Francisco at Low End Theory, and for LA heads at BoomBox this Saturday.

Paten Locke & Edan in Bahrain:

Here's what Paten had to say:
maaaaaaaaaan listen!!!!!! Me and Edan Portnoy just finished this hands on hiphop workshop where we spoke on djn rapping and producing and then displayed various incarnations of all three for genuinely very interested young bahraini! yo!!!!!!! i swear it was on some real each one teach one business and it was definitely one of the most satisfying hiphop experiences ever!!!! felt like we were really doing some good in the man, im coming back to bahrain yall! ok, rest then dj set in a cpl hours...but it feels so good to do the right thing! peace world! pics and vids to come soon

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