Friday, April 27, 2012

House Shoes 'The Makings' Part 1

A collection of House Shoes previous productions, with words from Rich Medina, Black Milk, Gaslamp Killer, Khrysis, Blame One, Phife, Exile, Prodigy, Brenk Sinatra, BoogBrown, and V-Stylez.

The Makings Part 2 is due out next week! Stay tuned....

Download all 9 tracks from the link below.
A collection of House Shoes previous productions, with words from Rich Medina, Black Milk, Gaslamp Killer, Khrysis, Blame One, Phife, Exile, Prodigy, Brenk Sinatra, BoogBrown, and V-Stylez.
1. Rich Medina Intro
2. Broken - Proof feat. Journalist 103(The Left) and Mu (2002)
3. High - Danny Brown (2009)
4. Stomp - MarvWon (2010)
5. Purest - MED feat. Poke (cuts by DJ Romes) (2011)
6. Slaves - Quelle Chris feat. Roc Marciano (2011)
7. Let It Bang - Moe Dirdee (2010)
8. Locusts - Invincible feat. Finale (2008)
9. Outro Pt 1 w V-Stylez, BoogBrown, and Rich Medina

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Interviews with producer BEATNICK DEE

2 New interviews from producer Beatnick Dee. One on Alkota's site, and one on Praverbs. He speaks on a varitey of topics including digging and producing full time, Moving from the UK to LA, Tres, Co$$, selling beats and more. Here are the links:

Co$$ & Numonics 'Chief'

New song from Co$$ and Numonics titled 'Chief' in celebration on 4/20.

In 2010 Co$$ and Numonics linked up for the first time to bring Revelations. This summer the Leimert Park spit kicker and the Floridian producer will link up once again to bring Genesis, and here is the first offering from it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

House Shoes "The Time EP" Red Vinyl (500 copies)

We're getting ready to release House Shoes' "The Time EP."  It will be out worldwide on May 22nd.  Big Tone, Danny Brown, and Jimetta Rose are featured on this EP.  This is the lead single from Shoes' upcoming debut album "Let It Go."  It will be a limited pressing of 500 on red vinyl.  Here's the official press release:

Artist: House Shoes
Title: The Time EP
Cat#: tr396-083
UPC#: 181057000646

House Shoes’ lead-off release The Time EP is a precursor to his forthcoming full-length debut album Let It Go. It features original production by Shoes with features by Detroit Emcees Big Tone and Danny Brown, as well as Los Angeles songbird Jimetta Rose.

“Better later than never,” some might say, about these releases from House Shoes. He has been an integral piece of the landscape of Detroit hip-hop for the better part of 20 years. He’s produced, DJed,
and dot-connected for a generation of Detroit artists who have taken the sounds of their city on world tour.

From his work alongside J Dilla and Big Proof, to Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and Danny Brown – he has helped to shepherd Detroit’s hip-hop into prominence. His solo endeavors are long overdue, and much awaited.

You can’t rush creation, though – and no matter how late fans might feel it is, House Shoes, The Time EP, and the following Let It Go LP, are arriving like they had an appointment.

“The past no longer exists, and the future is yet to happen / the present time is only as long as the moment that I’m in it; I’m feelin’ every millisecond passin’.” From the needle-drop, the filthy-neck-snapping drums under chopped synths on ‘Time’ featuring Big Tone sets the stage for a showcase of Tone’s humble bravado. He raps about the need to have ‘right now’ in order, and how he keeps his watches in sync.

‘Sweet’ featuring Danny Brown, the second offering of the EP, lays an understated and confident hi hat over layers of bass guitar riffs and strings stabs that might actually inflict bodily harm. Danny spits with his patented lack-toothed style and a considerably rougher hand than the preceding Emcee. As is usually the case with Brown, it works as designed, with witty chest-puffed punch lines like “you study what I author / your arms too short – my reach like Tarver…” and plus he’s “got butta like George Washington Carver.” Bravo.

The third plate in his Chef’s tasting menu, ‘Castles (tHE SKY IS OURS)’ featuring Jimetta Rose, sounds like it is playing through different speakers than the first two courses – the song feels like it’s coming from the clouds. Created in tribute to the late Jovan ‘J1’ Coleman (Drummer for Dam-Funk / Mazter Blazter, producer, and a friend to Shoes and Rose) – Jimetta sings for all of the people who carried us in the past; the people who we carry on for now. The song closes with an audio clip from an interview with J1 before his passing.

The 12” release also includes two exclusive instrumentals titled ‘Suspended’ and ‘No More Mista Nice Guy’ that are not available on the full-length Let It Go release later this year.

TRES Records will release The Time EP on May 22nd, available digitally and on limited-edition 12” vinyl. It primes the palate well for his full-length debut in the coming months.

Track List

Side A
1. Time feat. Big Tone - Clean
2. Time - Instrumental
3. Castles (tHE SKY IS OURS) feat. Jimetta Rose - Clean
4. Suspended

Side B

1. Sweet feat. Danny Brown - Dirty
2. Sweet feat. Danny Brown - Clean
3. Sweet - Instrumental
4. No More Mr. Nice Guy

Friday, April 6, 2012

Updates from House Shoes and Paten Locke

House shoes upcoming shows:
'Shoes will be spinning in San Francisco at Low End Theory, and for LA heads at BoomBox this Saturday.

Paten Locke & Edan in Bahrain:

Here's what Paten had to say:
maaaaaaaaaan listen!!!!!! Me and Edan Portnoy just finished this hands on hiphop workshop where we spoke on djn rapping and producing and then displayed various incarnations of all three for genuinely very interested young bahraini! yo!!!!!!! i swear it was on some real each one teach one business and it was definitely one of the most satisfying hiphop experiences ever!!!! felt like we were really doing some good in the man, im coming back to bahrain yall! ok, rest then dj set in a cpl hours...but it feels so good to do the right thing! peace world! pics and vids to come soon

Beatnick Dee '20 For 12' Beat Mix

Frequent Co$$ collaborator and Tres Records Rep, Beatnick Dee drops his '20 For 12' Beat Mix, presented by

''20 For 12 is a 20 track/20 minute continuous mix of brand new, exclusive, unreleased, for sale and forthcoming beats on various projects. A showcase of the sound I'm promoting''.

KN: We’re happy to present to you Beatnick Dee‘s 20 For 12, his latest project which is a 20 minute continuous mix of brand new, exclusive, unreleased, for sale and beats from upcoming projects. 20 For 12 is a great representation of what Beatnick Dee brings to Hip Hop.
Along with the release of 20 For 12 we are happy to announce that Beatnick Dee is also working his debut full-length production album Creative Medicine. The project will feature Joe Scudda, Co$$, Sene, Blame One, Koncept & J57 of Brown Bag AllStars, Dynas, Hasan Salaam, Sav Killz, Denitia Odigie, The Regiment, MadKem, Saheed, Iron Braydz, CappoLate Bloomers and more and is set to drop later this year.
Stream and download Beatnick Dee’s 20 For 12 below. Hit the link to download from Bandcamp for free with an email address so you can stay informed on what Beatnick Dee has in store for us.

Tres Records Street Team & Prize

Tres and House Shoes fans,

We are currently seeking street team members to assist us in promoting the upcoming release of House Shoes’ new album “Let It Go”. Help us spread the word and get a free digital copy of the album, as well as a chance to win the special prize listed below.

Details: To volunteer send an email to with your name and city in the subject line. Please let us know of any social media (facebook, twitter, etc.), blogs, or online forums you are a part of in the body of the email. We will respond by April 16 to our new recruits.

Please note: while weekly campaigns will be relatively short and simple, they will be ongoing until the album’s release on June 19. Street teamers should be ready to actively campaign and show proof of work when necessary in order to be compensated.

Prize: All volunteers will receive a digital download card to redeem “Let It Go” online as a thank you.  In addition to the digital copy, the top contributor will receive a signed physical copy of the album on their choice of vinyl or CD.