Friday, February 17, 2012

Update from producer BEATNICK DEE

Beatnick Dee is a producer from The Uk, now residing in Los Angeles, California working as a rep for Tres. will be presenting his new beat mix in the coming weeks, followed by his debut album later this year. The album will feature a variety of stateside rappers as well as a few from the Uk.

The title track from Co$$'s album is produced by Beatnick Dee, so Tres caught up with him awhile ago for part of Co$$'s 'Before I Awoke producers' interview series.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tres Update 2012

It's going to be a busy year for Tres with a lot planned. To celebrate our 8 year anniversary we're working on a special beat compilation featuring Tres artists as well as producers that have worked on Tres releases.
The project will include exclusive beats from Newman of Giant Panda, Blu, Paten Locke, Chikaramanga, Beatnick Dee, Big Tone, J'83, Fonetik Simbol and more...
There will be extra art and visual material accompanying the release with classic photos from the Tres archive.

Fonetik Simbol is working on a brand new beat tape which will be available for free download in the coming months.

J'83 is working on a unique beat project utilizing samples solely from Indonesia. He's almost finished and it'll be out very soon.

Ta'raach and Big Tone are both working on new solo albums.

Chikaramanga is carrying on his 45 series with a new song featuring Dillon to be released later in the year.

We're also gearing up to announce a big surprise soon!