Monday, November 21, 2011

Photos from last weekend

We had Tres family reunite event last Friday.  We went to a bar in Hollywood, called The Surly Goat to hang out.  

On Saturday, People Under The Stairs performed at El Rey.  It was a great show.

Monday, November 14, 2011

DJ Lowkey's Dam Funk Mix "DAMstr8"

 DAMstr8 by DJ Lowkey


1 scat'in
2 brookside park
3 higher
4 i gots 2 be done wit you
5 stayin super fly
6 (my funk goes) on & on
7 sidewayz
8 inside of u
9 toeachizown
10 rollin
11 10 west
12 one less day feat g-shaft
13 (i be) goin hard
14 HowUGonFuckAroundAndChooseABusta
15 mirrors
16 sweet dreams
17 the sky is ours
18 good feeling inst
19 burn rubber
20 killdat a.k.a killdatmuthafu*ka
21 hood pass intact
22 i dont love u
23 raindrops

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TRES MIX by Fonetik Simbol

Fonetik Simbol put together a mix of TRES titles.

60 Minutes Of Tres Vol.1 (Mixtape) by Fonetik Simbol

Fonetik Simbol is a DJ / Producer from Iceland. 4 tracks on Co$$'s debut album, "Before I Awoke" was produced by him.  Fonetik's free download beat tape will be out soon!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Instrumental EP by ReallyNathan (of Late Bloomers)

ReallyNathan (of Late Bloomers) released his instrumental EP, "out of tune /// out of space" through his Bandcamp page.

This is a video Nathan made that features tracks from the Late Bloomers' mostly instrumental EP, "Songs For Suns."

ReallyNathan has been working with Co$$ for Co$$'s new free download album, "Instrument of Emtion."  He produced 7 tracks out of 10.  It will be out soon...