Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interview with Co$$ "Before I Awoke" Producers (Part 4) : Fonetik Simbol

-Introduce yourself, where are you from? 

My Name is Fonetik Simbol and I’m from Reykjavík Iceland.

-What’s the hip-hop scene like where you’re from?

The hip-hop scene in Iceland is kinda small but we got some good hiphop artists like: Original Melody, Vald Wegan & Forgotten Lores.  

-What equipment do you use? 

I use mpc 2000xl, boss sp 303, Micro Korg, Acid Pro 2.0 & Pro Tools

-What kind of things inspire you the most to make a beat?

Icelandic Nature, Jazz & Good Food  

-How did you get your name?

I don’t remember…haha  

-How long does it take you to make a well polished beat that you’re proud of?

It takes me 10minutes – 1 Hour..

-What is your personal favorite song (or beat alone) you’ve produced for an emcee? 

uhh.. I have to pick two songs. Co$$’s “khakis and taylors” and “Cosa Say” by Original Melody.  

-How did you first link up with Co$$, and how long have you been collaborating?

On Myspace.. we have been collaborating since 2007.  

-What do you think of Co$$ as an emcee? How would you describe his sound? 

To me Coss’s style is very unique and that’s the reason why i wanted him to be a part of my solo album, because I liked his stuff. There were a lot of rappers sending me emails and myspace messages at that time about beats but I just picked out those I really liked and did stuff with them..  

-Tell us about how you crafted the beat for 'Born Again' ft. Blu & Sene on Co$$'s debut, 'Before I Awoke'

damn I don’t remember…haha but I remember one thing.. the “hi hat” in the song = my car keys..  

-What’s next for Fonetik Simbol? Any projects you’re working on or any other emcees you’re working with? 

yea, im always working on some new projects. I have a new Beat Tape coming out and me & Coss are working on a project called “Crown Chevy”. Me and my homie Immo Schram from Iceland are also working on his solo album.

-If you had to pick one, who would your favorite current producer be? 


-If you could pick one emcee to do an album with, who would it be?


-How can people contact you or listen to your tracks? Any last words/shout outs?
Fonetik Simbol Mixing Co$$'s "Before I Awoke" from HolyPeter on Vimeo.

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