Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ESQ & Chikaramanga "A Night In The Life" Video

2nd video from ESQ & Chikaramanga's debut album, "The Succession."
"The Succession" (CD/Vinyl/Digital) was released worldwide in September 2010.  

E.S.Q. aka DJ Wax1Da, originally from Chicago has been making his mark within the hip hop community especially with artists such as Percee P and Large Professor.  In our digital age, with DJ's being a click away from downloading the latest jam, and MC's tediously typing lyrics on their phones, E.S.Q. still keeps it to the truest with his stacks of wax and his shelf full of rhyme books.  In due time, those words that he jotted down, found a home thanks to the beats of Giant Panda's own, Chikaramanga.  Chikara, is another individual who has not been sucked in by the digital realm.  Using classic hardware equipment such as the SP-12, MPC 60, and S3000, he is still able to cook up some flavor that most attempt to recreate on software programs. All his drums are still sampled from vinyl, no drum folders on his desktop to sample from, and all his beats (which he names after various foods) are saved onto ZIP disks, which really make his music a labor of love.


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