Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ESQ & Chikaramanga "A Night In The Life" Video

2nd video from ESQ & Chikaramanga's debut album, "The Succession."
"The Succession" (CD/Vinyl/Digital) was released worldwide in September 2010.  

E.S.Q. aka DJ Wax1Da, originally from Chicago has been making his mark within the hip hop community especially with artists such as Percee P and Large Professor.  In our digital age, with DJ's being a click away from downloading the latest jam, and MC's tediously typing lyrics on their phones, E.S.Q. still keeps it to the truest with his stacks of wax and his shelf full of rhyme books.  In due time, those words that he jotted down, found a home thanks to the beats of Giant Panda's own, Chikaramanga.  Chikara, is another individual who has not been sucked in by the digital realm.  Using classic hardware equipment such as the SP-12, MPC 60, and S3000, he is still able to cook up some flavor that most attempt to recreate on software programs. All his drums are still sampled from vinyl, no drum folders on his desktop to sample from, and all his beats (which he names after various foods) are saved onto ZIP disks, which really make his music a labor of love.


Friday, September 16, 2011


LA♥JPN♥LA VOL.1 came out on July 27th.  Chikaramanga "Mi Hermano" was featured on Vol 1.  Vol.2 of this compilation series was released on September 6th.  A track from Late Bloomers is on Vol.2.  Here is the iTunes link for Vol. 2.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id461182414

(Taken from press release)

A collection of tracks from Los Angeles and Japanese artists to support the earthquake victims of Japan. Features artists from the forefront of the L.A. beat scene such as Jonwayne, ELOS, Free The Robots, Late Bloomers, and Brainfeeder's Tokimonsta. Numerous Japanese beatmakers such as grooveman Spot, KK, Conflict, Monkey_sequence rep the beat scene from the far east. Introspective live songs from artists such as The Life Force Trio and Helado Negro are also featured.

All proceeds of the compilation series will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross and Civic Force to help those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake.

compiled and produced by: Hashim Bharoocha

LAJPNLA VOL. 2 Tracklist

01. Promise                           Grooveman Spot

02. Gol Azeez                       Omid Walizadeh

03. op.311                             KK

04. Eenie Meanie                Late Bloomers

05. Aliboo                              TENGOKUPLANWORLD × BUN

06. Collect All and Save     Labwaste

07. Spacesuit                        Conflict

08. 40 Winks                         Jonwayne

09. Problem With Dub         Keita Sano

10. The Wired                       ELOS

11. before computa              MONKEY_sequence.19

12. Alpha Numeric                  Free The Robots

13. zoolaa                                ZOOL.GEL

14. stop error               EmV

15. Love Dub                          mabanua

16. Bizarre Bazaar                  The Life Force Trio

17. Bruce Lee Poster  repeat pattern

18. hope                                  Sacred

19. here comes the lord          mfp

20. Chord                                Languis

21. plug_and_play                   kazzzzz

22. dukk                                  RLP

23. wait a moment                  The Astronotes

24. Brugge                              TOKiMONSTA

25. re-generation                     SubsequentsAZZURRO x DULO

26. Con Suerte (Mezcla Adentro)     Helado Negro

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interview with Co$$ "Before I Awoke" Producers (Part 4) : Fonetik Simbol

-Introduce yourself, where are you from? 

My Name is Fonetik Simbol and I’m from Reykjav√≠k Iceland.

-What’s the hip-hop scene like where you’re from?

The hip-hop scene in Iceland is kinda small but we got some good hiphop artists like: Original Melody, Vald Wegan & Forgotten Lores.  

-What equipment do you use? 

I use mpc 2000xl, boss sp 303, Micro Korg, Acid Pro 2.0 & Pro Tools

-What kind of things inspire you the most to make a beat?

Icelandic Nature, Jazz & Good Food  

-How did you get your name?

I don’t remember…haha  

-How long does it take you to make a well polished beat that you’re proud of?

It takes me 10minutes – 1 Hour..

-What is your personal favorite song (or beat alone) you’ve produced for an emcee? 

uhh.. I have to pick two songs. Co$$’s “khakis and taylors” and “Cosa Say” by Original Melody.  

-How did you first link up with Co$$, and how long have you been collaborating?

On Myspace.. we have been collaborating since 2007.  

-What do you think of Co$$ as an emcee? How would you describe his sound? 

To me Coss’s style is very unique and that’s the reason why i wanted him to be a part of my solo album, because I liked his stuff. There were a lot of rappers sending me emails and myspace messages at that time about beats but I just picked out those I really liked and did stuff with them..  

-Tell us about how you crafted the beat for 'Born Again' ft. Blu & Sene on Co$$'s debut, 'Before I Awoke'

damn I don’t remember…haha but I remember one thing.. the “hi hat” in the song = my car keys..  

-What’s next for Fonetik Simbol? Any projects you’re working on or any other emcees you’re working with? 

yea, im always working on some new projects. I have a new Beat Tape coming out and me & Coss are working on a project called “Crown Chevy”. Me and my homie Immo Schram from Iceland are also working on his solo album.

-If you had to pick one, who would your favorite current producer be? 


-If you could pick one emcee to do an album with, who would it be?


-How can people contact you or listen to your tracks? Any last words/shout outs? fonetiksimbol@gmail.com
Fonetik Simbol Mixing Co$$'s "Before I Awoke" from HolyPeter on Vimeo.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Bloomers @ DTLA on Thursday, 9/8

Late Bloomer will be performing at 2nd Street Jazz on Thursday, 9/8.
It's free to get in!

@ 2nd Street Jazz
366 E. 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Thursday, September 8th

Special Performance by Late Bloomers (TRES)

Late Bloomers "Three Shades Brown - EP"(Vinyl/Digital) IN STORES NOW!!