Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interview with Co$$ "Before I Awoke" Producers (Part 3) : DJ Playa Haze

1. -Introduce yourself, where are you from?

Im Deven Welch aka dj Playa Haze im from Riverside Ca. Im in the Dino (San Bernadino) right now though.

2. -What’s the hip-hop scene like where you’re from?

The IE hiphop scene is underground to say the least. People love that grimey neck-snapping ish. Were far enough away from LA to have are own discrepancies

3. -What equipment do you use?

I use an assortment of software and gemini(tables).

4. -What kind of things inspire you the most to make a beat?

I get inspired by whatever energy i can feel. Girls, nature, cival rights, good/bad news. I just can't make anything i dont believe in. Truth=Beauty in African philosophy.

5. -How did you get your name?

Dj playa haze.. i got my tunrtables when i was 16 (thats the dj part) and they call me playa haze because I dance in the fog with the answers to it all.

6. -How long does it take you to make a well polished beat that you’re proud of?

I can usually make a tracks basic skeleton in 2-15 minutes than I'd take a hour or two to polish before i'd let an emcee hear it.

7. -What is your personal favorite song (or beat alone) you’ve produced for an emcee?

hmmm... I would have to say Falling from Grace right now. that ish is money.

8. -Describe your method when producing tracks..

I wont start making a track unless im inspired.. depending on what im trying to do i usually do the melody first.. i end up doing the intro last a lot of the time because I already know how i want the track to come across.

9. -How did you first link up with Co$$, and how long have you been collaborating?

A few years ago i just hit him up and he liked what he heard. Right place right time sort of deal.

10. -What do you think of Co$$ as an emcee? How would you describe his sound?

To me Co$$ is like a an angry poet who tells people what they know in their heart of hearts know is true. He is damn near uncategorizable because he is definitely LA and definitely conscious but he's got mad bounce.

11. Tell us about how you crafted the beat for 'Falling from Grace' on Co$$'s debut, 'Before I Awoke'

I was in a melancholy mood and wanted to manipulate some voices that day. I found a ill dusty record that was the same color as the one i saw in my head. Then i added the drums.... it took me days to find that clap...

12. -What’s next for Dj Playa Haze? Any projects you’re working on or any other emcees
you’re working with?

Planet Asia, Young Maylay, C.B. News, Tabi Bonney, Kasino Gang, an instrumental ep, and the rest is lowkey secret...(hopefully Boldy James too)

13. -Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully scoring video games and making iller tracks for the grimey individuals.

14. -If you had to pick one, who would your favorite current producer be?
Outta the newer guys... Exile (beatnick dee’s a fool for that “Thru the Flames” jonts too may I add)

15. -If you could pick one emcee to do an album with, who would it be?

Mos Def

16. -How can people contact you or listen to your tracks? Any last words/shout outs? or @devenwelch on the twitter. keep music deep, the mic is more powerful than bombs. whats good Kasino Gang. Co$$ is a genius

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