Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interview with Co$$ "Before I Awoke" Producers (Part 2) : Tranzformer

1. Introduce yourself, where are you from?

Airic Estala aka Tranzformer from El Centro cali im 25 years old been doing this since 2009 first started recording punk rock then started making beats after high school been a fan of this underground shit for a while tho

2. What’s the hip-hop scene like where you’re from?

As for the scene in El Centro it sucks i live in a very small town where there's nothing to do but drink beers and make music cant even find a job down here the unemployment rate is 24.6 percent. There's a few dope producers from my town but never any showcases or anything i gotta go to San Diego for that or la.. but starting June 7th ill be living in the city of San Diego so hopefully more doors open for me

3. What equipment do you use?

When i first started making beats i was using fruity loops with no midi but now im rocking with reason 4 a midi axiom 25 and cool edit pro 2.1 hopefully get an mpc in the future no rush tho reason is the shit!

4. What kind of things inspire you the most to make a beat?

Smoking alot of weed listing to dope producers and mc's like Kankick ,beat maker beat, samiyam, pete rock, black milk and so on inspires me to make music. this town isn't to motivating when all you have to look at is dirt and palm trees lol..

5. How did you get your name?

How i got my name? well i figure that i flip a lot of samples and i feel like i transform the sample or sounds i use into a beat .. pretty simple ha

6.How long does it take you to make a well polished beat that you’re proud of?

Sometimes it takes me about 1 or 2 hours to make a beat.. the mixing part is what makes me lag a bit ..sometimes it gets done faster the other days

7. What is your personal favorite song (or beat alone) you’ve produced for an emcee?
My favorite song i produced would have to be left shattered ft blame one planet asia and johaz of deep rooted..the beat bangs hard and the cuts make it sound dirty and raw i never thought id have pa on a track or even blame one so its a blessing!

8. Describe your method when producing tracks..

When making beats i start off with my mixing .. make sure all my compressors are on and the eq is set.. that way my beat sounds dope when im in the process of making it and it helps me master my tracks a lot faster in the end after that i work on my drums and if im using a sample or just using a synth ill put that in next then some bass and background sounds .. i love background sounds

9. How did you first link up with Co$$, and how long have you been collaborating?

The fist joint i collaborated with co$$ was "so simple" in 2010 then after that was a joint called "we say" which was on DJ booth and now we got another joint "the one" that is gonna be on my self titled album dropping 5/31 for free! hes also gonna be rocking a hook for the koncept x Tranzformer (more than meets the eye) lp dropping soon!

10. What do you think of Co$$ as an emcee? How would you describe his sound?

Coss is a very talented mc, he spits very smooth.... sometimes a gangsta vibe but still in that hip hop feel .. and he raps over a lot of sick beats that normal mc's probably couldn't rip up. The beats on his new album really range from soulful joints to really abstract synth beats and he serves justice well on each track!

11. Tell us about how you crafted the beat for 'So Simple' on Co$$'s debut, 'Before I Awoke'

The beat so simple was crafted actually pretty quick. smoked a couple bowls ..recorded some drums.. wanted to use a raw sounding distorted clap and a kick that bumps! the synths on that beat came out really clean and spacey so i thought id go with a dirty raw synth bass to complete the beat and it worked out pretty damn good! its on some g funk style

12. What’s next for Tranzformer? Any projects you’re working on or any other emcees you’re working with

- Tranzformer (self titled album) 2011 just dropped on the 31st last month you can download it for free on okay player

- Koncept x tranzformer ep ( more than meets the eye ) you can download it on dj booth for free ..our lp drops in the summer also fts coss on one of our joints

- Tranzformer x jefferson price - free ep The Scrutiny Queue -

- tenacity and shi dog project im producing the whole album should be dropping this year

- smash bros lp wich is me and my cuzin j-science .. thats coming this year aswell

13. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years id like to see my self living in la or nyc rocking shows and hopefully doing some tours with all my homies who do music most of the people i do music with all live in other citys so i havent met any of them ..everything has been by internet. crazy shit lol

14. If you had to pick one, who would your favorite current producer be?

Thats a hard one.. id have to say kankick is one of my favs

15. If you could pick one emcee to do an album with, who would it be?

I would love to rock an lp with Blu for sure! hes super sick!

16. How can people contact you or listen to your tracks? Any last words/shout outs?

Thanx for the interview ! you can check out my music at
or twitter me tranzformer760 shout out to the big homie co$$ for blessing me with ill tracks and the homie j57 from brown bag allstars for helping me get my music out there! peace!

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