Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Late Bloomers "Never Don't Grow" video

Late Bloomers present the video to their single Never Don't Grow.

About the video;

Directed By David A. Wong the video reflects Late Bloomers playful, nonchalant style. Never Don't Grow is about living life as you see fit and chasing your dreams regardless of the risks and what others around you say and do. They say never stress the small s***.... they just let the positive grow.

About the making of the track "Never Don't Grow" as told by ReallyNathan;

Our usual approach to making our tracks is that Ahh’zel and I would make beats on our own and send it to the group to see if we can work with it. For this track, it was different.

So for about 2 years or so, Ahhzel and I had been working on beats on our own, until the time we made this one. We didn’t really say much when making it, and we didn’t really know where to start after such a long hiatus of not working with each other. But when we were in the process of putting everything together we both kind of felt that this is what we were waiting for, it was a feeling that was as natural as can be.

While we were vibing out to the beat, i decided to try to find some acapellas to just mess around and scratch over while it was playing. I ended up picking out Erykah Badu's “Cleva.” I started messing with the part, “And it might not grow” and we both were diggin it, so we put that in as well.

This track was really the first time we all sang on the track as well, we don’t have access to a choir or crazy good singers, so we do it all ourselves. Up till this song, we haven’t really experimented with us singing on the track, unless it was us messing around for a skit or something. It’s always a fun and spontaneous process for us. If we think of something, we just record it. If it sounds good, we’ll keep it, if it doesn’t we’ll go back to the drawing board.

About Late Bloomers;

Late Bloomers formed in 2009 while Ahh:Zel was sitting in law class distracted by the filipina girl who sat next to him. Fed up with the lack of halfway decent emcees and open minded collaborators, he sent a text to Nonstop saying nothing but "Ahh:Zel & Nonstop are Late Bloomers". Nonstop (confused) was down, and now all they needed was a dj. Enter ReallyNathan, who was added once Lord Quas told him to quit rapping, and partnered with Ahh:Zel to craft the soundbed of the burgeoning bloomers. With a new found direction and reinvigorated spirit, the three would go from disgruntled amateurs to a self described polished supergroup.

Heres a link to purchase the Three Shades Brown EP on iTunes and Tres Records eBay site.



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