Friday, December 10, 2010

Johnson & Jonson Sweat Shirt - Limited

In 2008, TRES released the self title album "Johnson&Jonson," by Blu and Mainframe. Besides the grimy flow, and raw loops, one of the other most memorable aspects of the album was the Red Baby a.k.a Johnny. The baby was conceived by artist, Shawn Barber, who also had other works which were featured on the 12" singles for J&J. When doing shows, J&J would actually bring along Johnny with them on stage and flaunt him, almost as if it were the third member of the group. This continued on until the Red Baby was stolen at one of their shows in San Francisco. Soon after, flyers online could be seen asking "Have you seen the Red Baby? report "Johnny to 1-800-johnson." Johnny is still missing till this day......

In memory of Johnny, and the J&J album, we did a limited worldwide release Red Baby T-Shirts, as well as 50 Red Baby Crewneck Sweaters.

We have now three sweatshirts left, Gray(Small), Black(Medium) , and Black(Large). We just put them up on eBay store for sale.

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