Friday, November 12, 2010

Late Bloomers Debut EP!!

We are going to release Los Angeles based Hip Hop trio, Late Bloomers' debut EP (Vinyl & Digital) on January 18th. The EP is entirely produced by Late Bloomers and mastered by Daddy Kev (Low End Theory / Alpha Pup).

Here is a track off of "Three Shades Brown" for your to check out.

Never Don't Grow by TRES RECORDS

ReallyNathan (of Late Bloomers) on the making of "Never Don't Grow" (taken from Beatnikonline):

"So for about 2 years or so, Ahhzel and I had been working on beats on our own, until the time we made this one. We didn’t really say much when making it, and we didn’t really know where to start after such a long hiatus of not working with each other. But when we were in the process of putting everything together we both kind of felt that this is what we were waiting for, it was a feeling that was as natural as can be.

While we were vibing out to the beat, I decided to try to find some a cappellas to just mess around and scratch over while it was playing. I ended up picking out Erykah Badu's “Cleva.” and started messing with the part “And it might not grow”. Ahh:Zel ended up diggin it, and so did I, so we put that in as well.

"Never Don't Grow" was really the first time we all sang on the track, we don’t have access to a choir or crazy good singers, so we do it all ourselves. Up till this song, we haven’t really experimented with us singing on the track, unless it was us messing around for a skit. It’s always a fun and spontaneous process for us. If we think of something, we just record it. If it sounds good, we’ll keep it, if it doesn’t we’ll go back to the drawing board."

Also, here is a promo footage of the EP.

A Late Bloomers' Day To Day... from tresrecords on Vimeo.

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