Friday, November 12, 2010

Chikaramanga "T.R.E.S.Q. feat ESQ" 7 inch


“T.R.E.S.Q.” is the fourth title from Chikaramanga’s 7" series. On all the tracks for these series, Chikaramanga is behind the beats and TRES RECORDS affiliate MCs are on the raps. This time around, ESQ is featured on the track.

The collaboration between ESQ and Chikaramanga developed through several face to face sessions with one another. Having met through TRES label mate Paten Locke, the two instantly connected and with each move they made, success was quick to follow. As these steps progressed, ESQ & Chikaramanga’s debut album,"The Succession" (TRES September 2010) was born, which sums up their creative process and the idea that "boom-bap" music is alive and well.

“T.R.E.S.Q.” was the first track ESQ and Chikaramanga ever made together and was included as a bonus track on Tres’s six year anniversary mix CD, “TRES PRESENTS : SEIS mixed by DJ Lowkey” (TRES June 2010). This track contains a melodic synth loop and heavy drums, laced with the quick/buttery flow of ESQ, giving the track an overall feeling of the 90’s hip hop we all grew up to and love. This track starts with 8 bar open drums, which is perfect for DJs to juggle with.

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