Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Tone "Flesh and Sole EP" FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Big Tone's Free Download EP, "Flesh and Sole" came out today!!
Here is the link for free download.

Check out "No Chaser" off of the EP.


Here is the info about Big Tone;

As an artist, Big Tone is an emcee. He's a lyricist who paints crystal clear and graphic depictions of life from a perspective that is universal to urban environments around the world. From the stage to the studio, he's been considered a part of the upper echelon in Detroit's legendary hip-hop world. His early recordings earned the respect of a wide audience and fellow artists, some of which would become Tone's biggest mentors and friends in music. It would be these well received efforts that would earn Tone an opportunity to feature on J Dilla's acclaimed Welcome 2 Detroit LP, which would cement Big Tone as apart of the upper echelon of artists or the rise. 2005 marked a breakout year for Big Tone as a producer. Behind the boards, Tone produced his first full length international release on ABB Records entitled, "The Drought". Trademarked by the gritty chopped drum breaks and mangled soul samples, The Drought displays Tone's gift to create instrumental backdrops as visual as the rhymes over them. The opportunity to travel, perform, produce, and collaborate with artists on a worldwide level helped to broaden Tone's perspective as well as his vision. A decision to relocate to New York played a role in this development. Bonds made in the Big Apple, as well as strong ties in California with labels such as ABB and Tres Records have given Tone coast-to-coast recognition.

Big Tone's 2nd album, "The Art Of Ink" In Stores Now (TRES RECORDS 2009)

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