Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shawn Jackson "Hollywood Shuffle Side B" FREE download

Shawn Jackson's 2nd album, "Brand New Old Me" came out on July 27th. To follow up the album, we are releasing Shawn Jackson's free download mixtape, "Hollywood Shuffle Side B".

Download "Hollywood Shuffle Side B"

As well as "Side A," "Side B" was put together by DJ Lowkey. It contains remixes and unreleased tracks. Throughout the mix, you'll also hear the cuts and juggles of DJ Lowkey, who is known for his trick mixing abilities and his seamless flow from song to song. There is a heavy list of LA based producers on the track-list, that will guarantee to have your head bobbing, such as Exile, Dibia$e, Mainframe (of Johnson & Jonson) and DJ House Shoes.

Here is the track list.

1. Another Beautiful Day (Prod. by Jordan Rocks.Well)
2. Killinem (Prod. by M Stacks)
3. Spiritual w. 6th Sense & DonWill (Prod. by Spiritual)
4. Feelin' Jack II (Prod. by Jordan Rocks.Well)
5. Mass Appeal '09 w Convinced, Tunji, & El Prez (Prod. by J Keys)
6. Hollywood Swingin (Prod. by Dibia$e)
7. The Outbrayk (Prod. by Exile)
8. How You Do It w. Ty&Kory (Prod. by Jack Sample)
9. Fadeawaaay (Prod. by J Zen)
10. Jungle (Prod. by Mainframe)
11. Cali Girls (Prod. by Cook Classics)
12. Soopafly II (Prod. by Koen)

If you haven't donwloaded "Side A" yet, here is the download link.

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