Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are working towards the ESQ & CHIKARAMANGA's album release. The album title is "The Succession". It will be available on CD, Double Vinyl, and Digital Download. The release date is September 14th worldwide.
As I informed you before, we did a video shoot for the lead single, "My Intellect" about two weeks ago. The official video will be ready within two weeks. Really Nathan is working on behind the scene footage now. We can probably put it up on our vimeo and youtube page soon. We finally got the final master of the album and sent it to pressing plant a few days ago. After we made a few adjustments on the master we got first, the master sounds great. It took so long to finish it because the mastering engineer had to take care of mastering jobs for major labels first, which pay him really well. We are paying him the super indie rate / homie price, so we had to wait. We also got the artwork done! Here is the front cover!!

Big shout out to Noel, who did the drawing of us. He is a friend of ESQ and used to do the animation for The Simpsons.
DJ Lowkey is finishing up the mix for ESQ & CHIKARAMANGA's free download mix tape. It will be out probably in the first week of August.
We will keep you posted!


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