Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Six Year Anniversary Mix CD

TRES RECORDS Six Year Anniversary Mix CD "TRES PRESENTS: SEIS" (CD/Digital)
In Stores June 22nd

One major aspect of our label that keeps us running is the continued support from fans across the globe as well as here in Los Angeles. We have been grateful enough to be able to release music for the past 5 years, and in a few months, we’ll be able to say we’ve been at it for 6. To celebrate the 6th year anniversary of TRES Records, we are releasing a mix CD titled “TRES Presents: Seis,” which was put together by DJ Lowkey of FAT BEATS Los Angeles. As mentioned earlier, the support we receive from people is something we greatly appreciate, and DJ Lowkey has been one of those figures since the beginning. The music we release have always been from “up and coming” artists who we believe need to be heard by the masses, and although this is a mix CD, Lowkey possesses that same skill and drive that people need to know about.

The mix contains various tracks from the TRES catalog, and is complimented by the cuts, and blends of DJ Lowkey. The artists that he selected range from C.R.A.C. to DJ Alibi, which provides listeners a variety of styles that all contribute to the smooth and relaxed feel of the mix. Of all the choices available for Lowkey to use, he managed to utilize a lot of the records that have been slept on in the past, which goes along with the entire theme of this project of supporting artists and music that needs to be heard by all. The outcome of any project seems to turn out best when you go about it in ways that do not seem obvious, which is what we decided to do when deciding which DJ should handle the mix and what DJ Lowkey ended up doing throughout the entire project.

Bonus Track: There is also a bonus track at the end of the mix which is an unreleased joint from Chikaramanga and E.S.Q. titled, “T.R.E.S.Q.” With their debut collaboration album ready to be released, this track gives listeners a taste of what to expect from both artists.

Track List

1. DJ Alibi - Eglinton West Blues
2. Paten Locke - Funky Hit Record
3. Shawn Jackson - First of All
4. Co$$ & Fonetik Simbol - LA's Best feat. Shawn Jackson
5. Big Tone - Broken Logos
6. Y Society - Setting The Example
7. DJ Alibi - Come Home
8. New Jack Hustle - New Shades
9. Headnodic - The Drive feat. The Procussions
10. Giant Panda - Laser Ray
11. C.R.A.C. - Chill
12. Lightheaded - Suprise Cypher II feat. Sojourn, Sharlock Poems, Adam L, Surreal, & Sivion
13. DJ Alibi – Don’t Look Down feat. Bamboombox
14. Ta'raach - Yeah!
15. Lil Sci - Hit Me
16. Paten Locke - Break Thru
17. Y Society - Good Communication
18. Giant Panda - GP Y'all
19. Johnson & Jonson - Long Time Gone
20. C.R.A.C. - Crachause
21. Chikaramanga – Cool feat. Big Tone
22. Y Society - How Many of Us? (Instrumental)
23. Johnson & Jonson – That’s That Jam
24. Chikaramanga - T.R.E.S.Q. feat. ESQ (Bonus Track)

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