Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update: ESQ & Chikaramanga

These are what we have been doing lately...

Ripley, his son, and Ripley's partner, Mike came to our session to help us out to finish the interlude of the album.

We went to KPFK 90.7FM on Saturday, 5/22. The show we were on was called Breakbeats Radio. They played all three songs off of the 12" and we did a quick interview. Big shout out to Cheddy! Thanks for having us!

We were supposed to perform in West Covina last week. There was some miscommunication and we didn't even perform. We left the venue and went to bowling ally. ESQ, Really Nathan (of Late Bloomers), and I played three games. It was fun!

Check out his form! Really Nathan got skills!

Went to local record stores to drop off Tres's latest releases ESQ & Chikaramanga "My Intellect" 12inch and Chikaramanga "Trill feat. Co$$" 7 inch.


Friday, May 21, 2010

ESQ & Chikaramanga "My Intellect" 12 inch Release Party

ESQ & Chikaramanga “My Intellect” 12 inch release party

Hip Hop/Soul/Funk/Disco/Japanese

Tuesday, June 1st
7:30pm – 12:30am

@ Far Bar / Chop Suey (in Little Tokyo)
347 E 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel) 213.617.9990

- Chikaramanga (Giant Panda / TRES)
- Kiwamu Omae
- Really Nathan (Late Bloomers / TRES)

Japanese cuisine
Outside Patio
Full bar (Hot & Cold Sake, Sapporo on tap, etc)

For more info, visit www.myspace.com/shibuyaclub.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ESQ & Chikaramanga "My Intellect" 12 inch

ESQ & Chikaramanga "My Intellect" 12 inch will be out on iTunes and other digital download sites worldwide on 5/18. All three songs on this 12 inch can be purchased for only $1.99 on iTunes!!! The vinyl will be out on 5/25. I just posted all three songs on Tres myspace page. Check it out and let us know what you think.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interview with Shawn Jackson

Beat Bungalow blog did an interview with Shawn Jackson last week and put it up on their blog today.

Check out the link below.

Shawn Jackson Interview


Monday, May 10, 2010

Shawn Jackson "Hollywood Shuffle Side A" FREE download

In anticipation for Shawn Jackson's sophomore solo album "Brand New Old Me" (In Stores July 27th), TRES is releasing a mixtape in collaboration with 2DopeBoyz and IMKING, which was put together by DJ Low Key. The title of the mixtape is "Hollywood Shuffle Side A" and it contains Shawn Jackson tracks that folks have been sleeping on, some remixes and a few unreleased tracks. Throughout the mix, you'll also hear the cuts and juggles of DJ Lowkey, who is known for his trick mixing abilities and his seamless flow from song to song. There is a heavy list of LA based producers on the track-list, that will guarantee to have your head bobbing, such as Exile, Dibia$e, and DJ House Shoes as well as Icelandic producer Fonetik Simbol who produced for Co$$'s 12" "Khakis and Taylors." And to think that all of this is being released for free? What more could one ask for?

Download "Hollywood Shuffle Side A"

"Hollywood Shuffle Side B" will be released in June.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New track from Co$$, "Show Sum" on 2 Dope Boyz!

Co$$ leaked a new track he recently did, "Show Sum". It is now available for FREE download on 2 Dope Boyz. This track is produced by Beatnick Dee, a producer from UK. Nice uptempo joint. This track is not going to be on Co$$'s debut album, "Before I Awoke."


Monday, May 3, 2010

Shawn Jackson's FREE download mix tape

On Monday, 5/10, we will be releasing Shawn Jackson's free download mix tape, "Hollywood Shuffle Side A." Most of the tracks on this mix tape is unreleased new material. The mix will be done by DJ Lowkey (Fat Beats LA /TRES). Side B of this mix tape will be out in June.

Lowkey is working on the mix right now. As soon as he finishes, I will master it to make it sound nice and loud.

Shawn Jackson's 2nd full length album, "Brand New Old Me" will be out on July 27th.