Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Producers on Shawn Jackson's new album

We are now mastering Shawn Jackson's new album, "Brand New Old Me".
The official release date of the album is July 27th!!!

We have not previously worked with any of the producers for this album.
So, we would like to give you some info about them.

Astronote: Producer who is currently a part of the A-Side Worldwide roster, which consists of other artists/producers such as DJ Haircut (Mayer Hawthorne), 14KT, and Now On. Having worked with artists such as Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz and Guilty Simpson, Astronote will definitely provide some "bangers" on Shawn Jack's album.
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Beat-Maker-Beat: Is a young producer out of Russia who has been releasing several projects as of lately. Be sure to listen to his projects and get up on him because his name shows up in the producer credits more than anyone on this album.
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Beatnick & K-Salaam : This is a duo that has been getting a lot of buzz, and for good reasons. Having the music and the business side covered, the two have managed to release several projects with MC's such as Talib Kweli, U-N-I, Bun B and even Lil Wayne.
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Cook Classics: Recently put out a mixtape in collaboration with VIMBY and 2DopeBoyz, that consisted of MC's by the names of Sean Price, U-N-I, PacDiv, and Shawn Jackson + more. The two link up again for the album and if you heard anything that CC did on that project, you'll know that this can only mean something better.
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KNXWLEDGE: With the LA Beat Scene even more on the come up, KNXWLEDGE is definitely a familiar name with those in the know. Doing live sets at the legendary Low End Theory, and rocking shows along with Brainfeeder artists, he has been able to prove that he is someone to keep an eye out for.
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Ro Blvd: By now, most hip hop heads should know the name of this producer. His work with U-N-I has been eaten up by many and now, he's got a joint with Shawn Jackson that'll taste just as good.
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Friday, April 23, 2010


A couple years ago, we put out a 12" by the group Lightheaded and it contained a track titled "Suprise Cypher II." Up till now, we feel it hasn't really gotten the attention it deserved and most cats have really been sleeping on it. The original possessed the same chill vibe, but this second version contains a sound that may sound familiar to any true head.

Now I tried, but wasn't able to find it on youtube, but if you listen closely to this video below, around a minute fifty, you may be able to catch it.

Here is the link.

UNDFTD Japan knows what's up....Do you????

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chikaramanga's new 7" release

My next 7" release will be the track with Co$$, "Trill". This is the third one for this series. Mastering is already done. I am waiting for the test pressing.
This 7" is slated to be out in the first week of May.


Monday, April 5, 2010


ESQ's artist page is added to Tres web site. There are links to his Myspace and Facebook pages there. You can check out some of his old tracks on his Myspace page.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Official Paten Locke video release

In October of last year, we released the solo album for Paten Locke titled "Super Ramen Rocketship." We are getting ready to release the second single, "Ventilation," in June, so in anticipation for the 12-inch, the Official "Ventilation" Music Video is now available for your viewing pleasure on our youtube/vimeo accounts.

Paten Locke "Ventilation" from tresrecords on Vimeo.

The video was directed by JeromeD, (director of Blu and Exile's "So(ul) Amazing" and Diz Gibran's "Truly Yours" music video). The animation for the video was done by Kazuyo Yoshida and Sei Sato. The composite was done by Sei Sato.

Here is the statement from Paten Locke;

wadaaap yall

so, here is my first official video...shot in LA, last year...

this is also my second single, from my debut lp, SUPER RAMEN ROCKETSHIP.

the song is called Ventilation...and its really just a track that i did that is all about breathing a certain feel of hiphop that im into...bringin it back to that raw shit...which is why there is alot of reverse ish goin on...

i did the beat, cuts and rime (just like the rest of the lp) ...big up to chikaramanga, jerome d, and sei and kaz who put this together ...

i hope yall dig it, more to come, im just gettin started...

sidenote: the only cat guest appearing in the vid is my good friend since 89 ,ESQ,
which is dope cuz after we shot this, he worked out a lp deal with tres records as well...now we label mates...hes the dude with the fisherman hat and glasses...