Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Johnson Family Reunion

Mainframe from Johnson & Jonson invited me to the Gonjasufi's album release party at Echoplex last night. Gonjasufi was featured on Johnson & Jonson's album as a member of Johnson family. His alias is Randy Johnson.

Gonjasufi's debut album came out last week through Warp Records. I bought his 7 inch The Gaslamp Killer produced, which came out a few weeks ago. The GLK is also a member of Johnson Family. His alias is Ben Johnson. Since I really liked the 7 inch, I was looking forward to seeing the show.

When I got to the venue, Mainframe (aka Jon Jonson) was just about to start spinning. He played a lot of unreleased stuff he had in his laptop, such as unreleased Blu stuff, Gonjasufi stuff, etc.

While Mainframe was spinning, I set up the merch booth for Johnson & Jonson records and CD. Stephen and John from Warp Records let me put J&J stuff on their merch table. Thank you!

After Mainframe's set, Gonjasufi went on. The Gaslamp Killer was the DJ for Gonjasufi.

The GLK said that show was Gonjasufi's second show ever. I guess he had performed only once before that show. The show was great though. John from Warp Records told me that vinyl of the Gonjasufi's album will be available next week. I definitely need to get that.

After Gonjasufi's set, The GLK span and then other Warp Records artist, Flying Lotus span.

The whole show was recorded by Dub Lab crew. You can listen to it here!

There are so many talented artists doing new stuff in LA.
I'm grateful to be part of this scene.


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