Thursday, March 4, 2010

DJ Sarasa's new mix CD "LA"

DJ Sarasa's new mix CD, "LA" is going to come out on March 8th. All the tracks on this mix CD are from the artists who are from LA, currently live in LA, or have something do with LA. She put Co$$ & Fonetik Simbol "Khakis & Taylors" on it. Our intern, Chris's (aka Giant Squid) crew Late Bloomers has a track on it as well. Here is the track list.

1. Matty G- West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)
2. Boreta- Bubblin in the Cut
3. edIT- The Game is Not Over (feat. J-Dilla, Phat Kat & Dabrye)
4. The Glitch Mob- Nalepa “Monday” Remix
5. edIT- More Lazers
6. Mr. Oizo- $tunt$ (Flying Lotus Remix)
7. Flying Lotus- Melt!
8. AshTreJinkins- Cambodian Bonfire
9. AshTreJinkins- Yodaz Brain
10.Jesse "X-Ro" Pinkney- Leimert 19
11.DIBIA$E- Spacely Sprokettz
12.DIBIA$E - Cosmo Boppin
13.Shlohmo- Spooky Specs
14.dak- Fownd
15.Nosaj Thing- Coat of Arms
16.Nocando- The Man Who Served the World
17.Otherwize- Point of View
18.Grand Agent- L.A. Confidential (prod. By OH NO)
19.Charles Bronson- Covered Face
20.Sahtyre- Move (ft. Swim Team)
21.Co$$- Kahkis & Taylors (prod. By Fonetik Simbol)
22.LMNO & Yann Kesz- Cocaine
23.Uncle Imani of The Pharcyde- Hard
24.Percee P- Mastered Craftsman (prod. Madlib)
25.M.E.D.- Push
26.Ali Baba Abnormal- Glocknload
27.Astro- Caution
28.Metamorphs- Revenge
29.Good Cop Bad Cop- Missing Link (ft. DJ Tommy Blak)
30.Aceyalone- The Guidelines
31.Herbal Influence- Love’s Contribution (ft. Grover Zealous)
32.Late Bloomers- Wops Bounce
33.DIBIA$E & Pudge- Smoke it Over
34.Inverse- So True feat. Deacon (of Cunninlynguists)
35.J Rocc- Secondhand Sureshots
36.People Under the Stairs- Down in L.A.
37.Oddisee & Trerk Life- Last Joint

There are three tracks from Dibiase!! Nice!

This mix CD is probably available only in Japan.

The release party for this mix CD is going to take place at Kick Lab in Tokyo on the release date, 3/8. Sarasa is going to spin for a couple hours during the party.


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