Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mix by DJ Lowkey

DJ Lowkey made a mix for recent Hip Hop titles. He put a few Tres titles! Here is the link to MP3 version of the mix.

Track list.

1.marco polo: the radar
2.marco polo: the radar remix
3.guilty simpson: ode to the ghetto
4.pete rock: we roll beats: pages of the past
6.j dilla: say it
7.j live: be no slave
8.erykah badu: soldier
9.akrobatik: be prepared
10.nicolay and kay: stop my way
11.morgan zarate: M.A.B.
12.j live: the upgrade
13.guilty simpson ((12" only)): home invasion remix alibi: one day
15.roddy rod: money on the clock
16.C.R.A.C.: chill
17.Oh No vs. Oneness of JuJu: harmony in india 4((madlib)): organ stroll in india 3((madlib)): masala in india 4((madlib)): another getaway jack hustle: party song
22.chris craft feat. mf doom: hooks is extra
23.C.R.A.C.: mr. big fizz
24:alchemist feat mobb deep: keys to the city
25:write brothers: gang stories

Lowkey also did a mix for Tres's first official mix CD.
It will be out this spring.
We will keep you posted.


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