Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ESQ & Chikaramanga

I am working on a project with a MC, ESQ. He is originally from Chicago and has lived in LA for about two years. He is a good friend of Paten Locke. When Paten was in LA in November, I met him through Paten and found out he lived only a few blocks away from my apartment. Since I liked his CD he gave me and he liked my beats, we decided to do some tracks together. As of today, we have about 16 songs recorded. 16 songs within two month... It's really fast. The recording process has been very fast and very fun. It really reminded me how fun making music was. We will make 5 or 6 more songs and see what happens.
Yesterday, ESQ's friend, Kieth and Fire came to my place with ESQ. Kieth is a DJ / record collector and Fire is a great Reggae singer. We recorded a track ESQ did with Fire yesterday. These are some of the photos from yesterday's session. The song came out really nice!


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