Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Week

Paten and I will be on Red Alert Radio from 9pm to 1am tonight. It is an online radio show, my friend Jason does every Tuesday.

On Thursday 11/12, Paten will be performing at Root Down. I will spin before he goes on.

On Friday 11/13, we will be in San Diego.
We are going to do an instore at Access Music. Big shout out to DJ Norm Rocwell! After the instore, we will spin at Charlie Rock's event at Red C Lounge. Charlie Rock is a member of world famous Rock Steady Crew. I feel honored to be able to spin at his event.

On Saturday, Paten will be spinning at The Rhythm Section. It will be at Tantra in Silver Lake. This is the event my friends, Franke and Bernard do.

On Sunday, Paten and I will be spinning at HVW8 gallery for their Pod Cast & BBQ party. It will start from 1pm. There will be free beer and BBQ! If you are not in LA area, you will be able to check out our set at HVW8 podcast page.


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