Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Real Ramen For Real People

I picked up Paten Locke from LAX at 9pm last night. A radio show at KUCI in Irvine, Open Session invited Paten and I to their show on that day. The show was from 10pm to midnight. We stopped by at a ramen spot in Torrance on the way from the airport to KUCI. This restaurant is called Asa Ramen. It is probably my favorite ramen spot in LA. Since Paten's album is called "Super Ramen Rocketship", I thought it would be the perfect option for the first meal for his trip to LA. The ramen was really good as usual.

We arrived at KUCI around 11pm. The host of the show, JRA introduced Paten and played a couple of tracks off of his album. After 10 minutes of Paten's interview, I joined them and introduced my 7" project. I had test pressings for the first two 7"s with me. I asked JRA to play them. The first one is a song called "Cool" featuring Big Tone. The second one is "A Life Like This" featuring Droop-Capone. "Cool" 7 inch will be out soon. I will put up the track on our myspace page this week. "A Life Like This" 7 inch is scheduled to be released in Janurary.
Before the show ended, Paten did "Soup For One" and "Break Thru" live. It was great.
The entire show was recorded and they will send me the link to the MP3. I will post it here as soon as I receive it.

Paten and I will be DJing at Shibuya in down town LA tonight. The info is in the blog post I posted yesterday.


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