Friday, November 6, 2009

Paten Locke & DJ Lowkey Photo Shoot

I asked Omae who does Shibuya night with me to shoot some photos of Paten and DJ Lowkey. Lowkey is a DJ based out of LA. I asked him to make an official TRES Mix CD. He finished it a few weeks ago. It came out great. We will put it out on CD in February.

Here is more info about Lowkey.

Lowkey is a DJ all about the roots. Born in Nyack, NY, and now residing in Huntington Beach, CA, DJ Lowkey takes his knowledge of the East Coast Hip Hop scene, and blends it with his feel for the West. His exposure to the Hip Hop genre began in the early 90’s, which manifested into a love for DJing. By 1998 he had saved up enough cash for some turntables, and shortly after that, he began working for Fat Beats LA in 2001. Incorporating styles such as trick mixing, doubles, and blending into his sets, it only makes sense that a lot of his inspirations came from the Beat Junkies, Rob Swift, Paul Nice, and Kenny Dope. Not forgetting about his early childhood memories of Motown and Classic Rock records, Lowkey also dug heavily into the funk/soul, jazz and rock side of DJing as well.

By collecting records since his very beginnings, Lowkey has been able to create a wide sound, yet definitive. While still representing Fat Beats LA, Lowkey can be found DJing at in-store events at Fat Beats and at different venues throughout Southern California. His dedication to the art form has also lead him to performing at various LRG sponsored events and sharing the stage with Wu-Tang Clan’s very own, GZA. Lowkey may have moved away from the East Coast, but he never forgets where he’s from because he takes it back to the roots. As they say, “You gotta know where you’ve been, to know where you’re going.”

We needed Lowkey's photos for the artwork and press. Paten already had some press photos, but it's just better to have more photos. We went to record pressing plant, Fat Beats store, and LACMA to shoot photos. I haven't seen all the photos yet, but the ones I saw on the camera looked great. Thank you, Omae san!


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