Friday, October 2, 2009


LA based label, Dub Lab had their 10 year anniversary party / art show in Down Town LA. I went there with Omae. A lot of LP covers and slipmats were exhibited at the gallery. Those were made by Artists who were close to Dub Lab. The concept of the art show was "infinity". It was very cool. Also, Hit & Run T shirt crew were there with a silk screen equipment. They were printing Dub Lab design T shirts there and giving it away for free. I got one, too.

I met Overton Loyd through Omae at the art show. Overton is a designer who has worked with George Clinton for a long time. He did some of Parliament's album cover such as "Motor Booty Affair". He also did some of Digital Underground artwork.
After the art show, Overton invited us to his studio, which was only a couple of blocks away from the art gallery. He showed me his sketch books which he kept from 70s. There was a lot of rough sketches of the characters, which I have seen on Parliament and Funkadelic' art work. We hang out drinking wine and seeing his art until very late night. He showed me a lot of design he did and told me stories. I had such a great time.

It will be cool, if he can make a design for TRES T shirt.


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