Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whatupdoe?!?! It's Tone, looking back at the summer.

Summer Recap

Peace all,

Reflecting on the year thus far, I just wanted to take time out to acknowledge some of the folks who extended themselves to make 2009 a special year in my musical timeline. With the release of my latest album "The Art Of Ink" earlier this spring, 2009 marked a new beginning for me...which is setting the tone for new opportunities and projects. Big ups to everybody at Tres Records for sharing the vision and enthusiasm I had for this album. Chikara, thanks for allowing me the creative space, and all the hard work...let's keep it going! Shout outs to Karin, Peter and everybody at Subotage for making the 2009 Detroit Moves Tour the experience that it was. In all the times that I've shared the stage with Guilty and Phat Kat, it's a totally different spin on it being thousands of miles from home. Looking forward to doing it again, SOON! Thanks to Jocelyne Ninneman and Fusicology/Mir Media for acknowledging the music, and supporting the record...I'm learning just how important it is that people are made AWARE. Who knew?!?! Shout outs to Brandon, Nick, and the good people at Greedy Genius for lacing me this summer...and for being open to support the movement. Definitely the freshest kicks out, too.

We've recently released the Chocolate 7" vinyl, and are currently shooting the video for it (Directed by Dwele) which we hope to be leaking soon. Some other pretty cool video stuff in the album under way as well. Hoping to start 2010 where the summer of 2009 left off. Stay tuned!


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