Friday, August 14, 2009

The Root Down Soundclash Round 6

Last night, Soundclash round 6 took place at The Root Down's new location, El Cid. Soundclash is a beat battle in which two beat makers battle and each of them plays 5 of their original beats off of their sampler or whatever equipment they make beats with. They basically bring their studio to the stage. There is no official winner or loser of the battle. Everyone comes up with their own opinion, "who won the battle?". The first battle was Cut Chemist vs Madlib, the second one was Thes One (PUTS) vs Will I Am (Black Eyed Peas), the third one was Exile vs Oh No, the forth one was Newman(Giant Panda) vs Stro (The Procussions), and the 5th one was Dibiase vs Haircut aka Mayor Hawthorne. This time was Free The Robot vs Computer Jay.
Honestly, I was not familiar with their music. But, I was very impressed at the beats both of them played. All of Free The Robots's beats seemed to have more instruments and changes in the songs and Computer Jay's beats seem more simple. But, all the beats they played were really dope. I'm sure they spent a lot of time to come up with their set.
When Newman did the battle against Stro, he was my room mate. I saw him working really hard for it. I think All City Records out from Ireland was supposed to put out the beats Newman used for the battle. I wonder if it has come out.


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