Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ro Blvd

I went to Ro Blvd's home studio on Thursday. He is a producer who did all beats on U-N-I's album, "A Love Supreme" (Green Label). I have been listening to the album and like it a lot. I met Ro through my friend, Atsushi about a few weeks ago.

Ro let me listen to a lot of his beats, mostly unreleased ones. His set up was very simple, MPC 2000XL and Yamaha Motif. He does not sample much. All the beats on " A Love Supreme" and most of the stuff he played for me were sample free. I usually don't like beats made without sampling. But, I like his beats a lot. I thought he learned piano when he was a kid or learned music at school because of the way his beats sound. However, he told me he never learned music at school, except for very basic stuff. I guess there are some people who can just do it. Amazing.

It will be great, if we can work with Ro in the future.


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