Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Johnson & Jonson Instrumentals Release Party @ Shibuya

We had Shibuya's one year anniversary and Johnson & Jonson Instrumentals release party last night. Blu and Mainframe showed up around 10:30pm. I got Heineken for Blu and Makers on the rocks for Mainframe for their first round. After half an hour, Mainframe went on. He told me he and Blu put together a set for this party, but Blu disappeared right before Mainframe went on. He finally did not come back to the venue... Mainframe kept playing his unreleased beats and some J&J unreleased tracks, raw J&J stuff. There were some tracks he let me listen to before, but I have never heard most of the stuff he played. Some of them were just beats. Some of them were with Blu rapping. It was dope.

When we were packing up, Mainframe's phone rang and it was from Blu. He told Mainframe something came up and he had to take care of it. I wish Blu did the set with Mainframe, but the party was still great.


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