Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hawthorne Headhunters

On 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, my friends at HVW8 throw a BBQ party at their gallery on Melrose. They usually have someone perform or spin and put up the set on their podcast. Since HVW8 recently started their music division and their first release, Hawthorne Headhunters EP just came out, they had HH perform at the BBQ party last Sunday. Old friend of mine, Proh Mic is one of the HH members. He did a hook on one of my group's (Giant Panda) song, "GP Y'all" back in 2002. The song is on Tres's 2nd release, Giant Panda / With It 12".
HH is a project by Black Spade, Ced No, and Proh Mic. When they perform, Black Spade is on MPC, Ced No is on key board, and Proh Mic is on Serato. Black Spade and Proh rap and they have a few featuring singers.
They performed about an hour. It was really good.
Their EP is on iTunes now and will be available on vinyl soon. Max from HVW8 gave me one of the test pressing. I got it autographed by them. It is a great addition to my vinyl collection.


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