Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fonetik Simbol

Co$$'s 12", "Khakis and Taylors" will be out next Tuesday, 8/18. It will be available on vinyl and digital. This 12" is the lead single off of Co$$'s debut album. The whole album is produced by Fonetik Simbol. There is not so much info about Fonetik in the internet world, so I did a quick interview with him.

- Where are you from?

I'm from Reykjavík, Iceland

- Where do you live now?

Reykjavík , Iceland

- When did you start making beats and what made you want to start producing in the first place?

I started Making Beats in 2000 when i was 14 years born 1986. i started when i heard Jurassic 5 "Jay you" and the "moment of truth" album by gangstarr

- What equipment do you use to make beats?

i use mpc 2000 , Boss Sp 303 , Micro Korg , Technics sl 1200 and bunch of dusty records.

- Do you start with drums or other samples when you make beats? What's the process you usually go through (if any)?

just different.. i am listening to records all day.. so , if i hear some sounds or melodies that i like.. i sample it..and chop it up and the MP or loop it on the Boss.

- Who is your favorite producer?

My favorite producers are Dj Premier , Pete Rock , Jay Dee (RIP) , Madlib , Black Milk & Oh No. but im influenced by jazz artists Herbie Hancock , Miles Davis , Erik Truffaz and Gary Burton.

- Who do you listen to nowadays?

Jazz , Funk & Hip Hop..artists like: Erik Truffaz , Gary Burton , Madlib , Big Tone , Erykah Badu , Weather Report.

- Are you in a group?

yes, im in a group called Original Melody and another called Mighty Jukebox with my homie S.Creeezy

- Do you spin/dj?

Yes i am a dj too. im on the turntables when i play live with my groups.

- How did you meet up with Co$$?

i met Co$$ on myspace, i was looking for some artists for my solo project and saw his page and sent him a message... and i dont know how many tracks we have done together since...hah

- Any future plans?

Releasing the Mighty Jukebox album , me and Co$$ are doing a lot of stuff . releasing my solo album... and i just started working on TRES Remix project!!


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