Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Co$$ & Fonetik Simbol / Khakis and Taylors 12" In Stores Now

Co$$'s 12" came out today! We have been getting great responses. It is now available at Tres's ebay store and on iTunes and other digital download sites now. There is no acappella on the vinyl, but it is available on iTunes. We wanted to put acappella on the vinyl, but because of the length of this 12", we had to take it out from the vinyl. If the length of each side is less than 12 minutes, the sound quality is optimal. Longer it gets, the quality gets worse. In order to have optimal sound quality and one bonus song (there are three songs with instrumentals on this 12"!), we had to take out the acappella.

Good people at iTunes liked this 12". They put it on the front page of Rap / Hip Hop section. This is great!


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