Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TRES x Fat Beats

It’s that time of the month again!

In case you guys/gals didn’t know, every first Tuesday of the month at Far Bar/Chop Suey in Little Tokyo, we do a little event called Shibuya. If you haven’t been there before, you should definitely check it out. The spot is outdoors, in this alley way (sounds sketchy I know, but trust me, it’s dope) and is surrounded by these brick buildings. It’s the perfect spot to go to if you’re sick of the LA scene, cause it kind of has this East Coast vibe to it. The music is always fresh, with selections by residents, YOTAH, Kiwamu Omae, and I myself get on the tables too. Every month we try to do something special, so this month we’re teaming up with Fat Beats LA and we’re going to have special DJ sets by DJ Soup and DJ Low Key. Aside from the music, the venue has a lot of great food and drinks as well. If you decide to come, and you’re feeling hungry, make sure to get the Far Bar Burger……so good. Can’t forget about the drinks either, it’s one of the few places out here that have Sapporo on tap and that has hot and cold sake.

So if you get out of work or school, and just want to get away from your day to day, come out to SHIBUYA. It’s Free……..again….it’s FREE, has great music, drinks, and people, and since it’s still summer, the weather at night is just perfect. We know it’s a Tuesday and most people have work the next day, but that’s why it’s only till 12am and starts at 7:30pm. And if you already know what’s up…..sorry you had to read all this. Check the info below, and we hope to see you all there.

Hip Hop/Soul/Funk/Disco/Japanese

TRES x Fat Beats

Special Appearances by DJ Soup and DJ Low Key (Fat Beats Los Angeles)

September 1st
7:30pm – 12:00am

@ Far Bar / Chop Suey (in Little Tokyo)
347 E 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel) 213.617.9990

Shibuya Club DJs
- Chikaramanga (Giant Panda / TRES)
- Kiwamu Omae

Japanese cuisine
Outside Patio
Full bar (Hot & Cold Sake, Sapporo on tap, etc)

For more info, visit www.myspace.com/shibuyaclub.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paten got diggin stories for you and yo mama!

wadap yall
Paten Locke here
my homie J-Zone has a blog on his top ten diggin stories...
he asked people to send in stories, so here is the one i wrote ...
he dug it, hopefully yall Tresblog readers enjoy it as well...
maybe ill hit yall off with more in the future, i got many more...equally bugged stories lol.
check it out....

i djed this spot @ late nineties downtown jax…
there was a homeless cat we used to bugg out with at the end of the nite, he was mad cool..
i later dubbed him “waxman”…and thats how all the local cats knew him…
one nite i hit him with an extra 5$ for carryin my crates out the club…i told him that was in case he saw some old records around the hood, to let me know…
he looks at me and says , “theres this place up the street,right next to the soup kitchen, that has an old”little record” in the window “and that i should check it out..
next day, i wake up bright and early and go to the spot..
there was a faded and warped james”good foot” 45 in the window…
couldnt see inside, so i went next door to the kitchen and asked the woman who managed the building if i could get into the next door building…
she had a key and said fine, that no one had been in there for over a decade!…
wooooow i thought…
went in, and this place had records everywhere…im talking 45 for days!…
and whats crazier is there was all kind of ish in there, like the owners one day thought the world was gonna end, and just left!…
of course im lookin around and seeing straight heat, so i asked what i could do to leave with some records…
the woman said take what you want, and leave a donation…
so i filled up the trunk lol, and gave her all the money i had…just under 100$…
the next day i came back with my diggin homie basic from my group the ABs…
we went thru everything and found mad dopeness, as well as like 50 copies of hook and sling and 50 copies of freddie scott”you got what i need” deadstock…
and lots of other one off real heavyweights like communicators and the black experiences band, erik and the vikings , helene smith on deep city, etc….
she locked us in the 2nd day, and said this was so none of the homeless folks tried to run up in there…
she also brought us food…from the soup kitchen, around lunchtime…
lemme say, soup kitchen spaghetti is type not good….
turns out, the building gets demolished a few months after…records that i left and all…
i was bummed, but happy i got in there at all….
thousands of hot joints…at a spot noone even knew existed…
i ate for a few years off that comeup…
later on my mom bought me a book on jacksonville african american history…
and lo and behold, there it is…
in the 60s it was THE spot to go to…before they shut their doors in 81!
Hollywood Records…
jax fl…
anyways, tried to make this story short, but there are wild more anectdotes to go along with it…
thanks j for even starting this discussion…
and wadaap e! wadaap moe bee!…
still diggin

p locke

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Co$$ & Fonetik Simbol / Khakis and Taylors 12" In Stores Now

Co$$'s 12" came out today! We have been getting great responses. It is now available at Tres's ebay store and on iTunes and other digital download sites now. There is no acappella on the vinyl, but it is available on iTunes. We wanted to put acappella on the vinyl, but because of the length of this 12", we had to take it out from the vinyl. If the length of each side is less than 12 minutes, the sound quality is optimal. Longer it gets, the quality gets worse. In order to have optimal sound quality and one bonus song (there are three songs with instrumentals on this 12"!), we had to take out the acappella.

Good people at iTunes liked this 12". They put it on the front page of Rap / Hip Hop section. This is great!


Friday, August 14, 2009

The Root Down Soundclash Round 6

Last night, Soundclash round 6 took place at The Root Down's new location, El Cid. Soundclash is a beat battle in which two beat makers battle and each of them plays 5 of their original beats off of their sampler or whatever equipment they make beats with. They basically bring their studio to the stage. There is no official winner or loser of the battle. Everyone comes up with their own opinion, "who won the battle?". The first battle was Cut Chemist vs Madlib, the second one was Thes One (PUTS) vs Will I Am (Black Eyed Peas), the third one was Exile vs Oh No, the forth one was Newman(Giant Panda) vs Stro (The Procussions), and the 5th one was Dibiase vs Haircut aka Mayor Hawthorne. This time was Free The Robot vs Computer Jay.
Honestly, I was not familiar with their music. But, I was very impressed at the beats both of them played. All of Free The Robots's beats seemed to have more instruments and changes in the songs and Computer Jay's beats seem more simple. But, all the beats they played were really dope. I'm sure they spent a lot of time to come up with their set.
When Newman did the battle against Stro, he was my room mate. I saw him working really hard for it. I think All City Records out from Ireland was supposed to put out the beats Newman used for the battle. I wonder if it has come out.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fonetik Simbol

Co$$'s 12", "Khakis and Taylors" will be out next Tuesday, 8/18. It will be available on vinyl and digital. This 12" is the lead single off of Co$$'s debut album. The whole album is produced by Fonetik Simbol. There is not so much info about Fonetik in the internet world, so I did a quick interview with him.

- Where are you from?

I'm from Reykjavík, Iceland

- Where do you live now?

Reykjavík , Iceland

- When did you start making beats and what made you want to start producing in the first place?

I started Making Beats in 2000 when i was 14 years old..im born 1986. i started when i heard Jurassic 5 "Jay you" and the "moment of truth" album by gangstarr

- What equipment do you use to make beats?

i use mpc 2000 , Boss Sp 303 , Micro Korg , Technics sl 1200 and bunch of dusty records.

- Do you start with drums or other samples when you make beats? What's the process you usually go through (if any)?

just different.. i am listening to records all day.. so , if i hear some sounds or melodies that i like.. i sample it..and chop it up and the MP or loop it on the Boss.

- Who is your favorite producer?

My favorite producers are Dj Premier , Pete Rock , Jay Dee (RIP) , Madlib , Black Milk & Oh No. but im influenced by jazz artists too..like Herbie Hancock , Miles Davis , Erik Truffaz and Gary Burton.

- Who do you listen to nowadays?

Jazz , Funk & Hip Hop..artists like: Erik Truffaz , Gary Burton , Madlib , Big Tone , Erykah Badu , Weather Report.

- Are you in a group?

yes, im in a group called Original Melody and another called Mighty Jukebox with my homie S.Creeezy

- Do you spin/dj?

Yes i am a dj too. im on the turntables when i play live with my groups.

- How did you meet up with Co$$?

i met Co$$ on myspace, i was looking for some artists for my solo project and saw his page and sent him a message... and i dont know how many tracks we have done together since...hah

- Any future plans?

Releasing the Mighty Jukebox album , me and Co$$ are doing a lot of stuff . releasing my solo album... and i just started working on TRES Remix project!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I went to see my friend, Mike Soops DJing at Grand Star Jazz Club in China Town last night. The event he span was called "Breaking Atoms". They do this event every second Tuesday of the month. It is an event for beat heads, like Low End Theory. There were not many people there last night, but I saw a lot of beat makers there, such as The Gas Lamp Killer, Ras G, Tokimonsta, Dibiase, Snowman, etc. The Gas Lamp Killer gave me his new 10". I got it autographed.
All the DJs were playing grimy beats off of their laptop. Some of the DJs were not even using turntables or DJ mixer. He was mixing tracks in his laptop. This is a whole new scene to me. I actually like this type of music though.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hawthorne Headhunters

On 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, my friends at HVW8 throw a BBQ party at their gallery on Melrose. They usually have someone perform or spin and put up the set on their podcast. Since HVW8 recently started their music division and their first release, Hawthorne Headhunters EP just came out, they had HH perform at the BBQ party last Sunday. Old friend of mine, Proh Mic is one of the HH members. He did a hook on one of my group's (Giant Panda) song, "GP Y'all" back in 2002. The song is on Tres's 2nd release, Giant Panda / With It 12".
HH is a project by Black Spade, Ced No, and Proh Mic. When they perform, Black Spade is on MPC, Ced No is on key board, and Proh Mic is on Serato. Black Spade and Proh rap and they have a few featuring singers.
They performed about an hour. It was really good.
Their EP is on iTunes now and will be available on vinyl soon. Max from HVW8 gave me one of the test pressing. I got it autographed by them. It is a great addition to my vinyl collection.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

New 12" release from TRES, Co$$ / Khakis and Taylors

The new Khakis and Taylors 12” from Co$$ hits stores August 18th. You can preview the three new tracks on the Tres Myspace page. Also on our page is the new video for Khakis and Taylors. Co$$’s album, Before I Awoke, is slated for release early 2010.

About Co$$:

Troy “Co$$” Johnson was born on the South Westside of Los Angeles in a small community east of Crenshaw called “Leimert Park” one of the United State’s top spots for Jazz and home to many of LA‘s finest hip hop artists. He started rapping at the age of 14.
Troy’s father died when he was 15, possibly the most pivotal time in his life. While still having a religious foundation academically, he began hanging out in the street, making affiliations with gangs and gang members, helping give him a balance perspective wise. It’s the reason Co$$ is both conscious AND STREET, bad and good, yin and yang. The movement is truly and sincerely universal. He truly does it for the thugs and nerds alike, scholars and elementary school drop outs. He wants to show that the West coast has a lot to offer as far as diversity and innovation is concerned, it’s definitely not all khakis and tailors, although he proudly represents the khakis and tailors aspect. Most importantly, Co$$’s goal is to humanize the common day MC, to remind people that rappers are just regular people with regular people problems. For every record he puts out, he wants people to evolve with him, to share in the experience of existence. Co$$ is Ca$hUSKing and Ca$hUSKing is evolution.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Johnson & Jonson Instrumentals Release Party @ Shibuya

We had Shibuya's one year anniversary and Johnson & Jonson Instrumentals release party last night. Blu and Mainframe showed up around 10:30pm. I got Heineken for Blu and Makers on the rocks for Mainframe for their first round. After half an hour, Mainframe went on. He told me he and Blu put together a set for this party, but Blu disappeared right before Mainframe went on. He finally did not come back to the venue... Mainframe kept playing his unreleased beats and some J&J unreleased tracks, raw J&J stuff. There were some tracks he let me listen to before, but I have never heard most of the stuff he played. Some of them were just beats. Some of them were with Blu rapping. It was dope.

When we were packing up, Mainframe's phone rang and it was from Blu. He told Mainframe something came up and he had to take care of it. I wish Blu did the set with Mainframe, but the party was still great.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ro Blvd

I went to Ro Blvd's home studio on Thursday. He is a producer who did all beats on U-N-I's album, "A Love Supreme" (Green Label). I have been listening to the album and like it a lot. I met Ro through my friend, Atsushi about a few weeks ago.

Ro let me listen to a lot of his beats, mostly unreleased ones. His set up was very simple, MPC 2000XL and Yamaha Motif. He does not sample much. All the beats on " A Love Supreme" and most of the stuff he played for me were sample free. I usually don't like beats made without sampling. But, I like his beats a lot. I thought he learned piano when he was a kid or learned music at school because of the way his beats sound. However, he told me he never learned music at school, except for very basic stuff. I guess there are some people who can just do it. Amazing.

It will be great, if we can work with Ro in the future.