Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TRES RECORDS 5 Year Anniversary

Tres Records hopes to continue contributing our music to this growing culture, and become an example of the idea that independent Hip Hop labels are far from dead. As long as there is good music in this world, we will continue to put it out and share it with you all.
This year is our 5th anniversary, and to commemorate the event, we’re releasing a digital only compilation album entitled “Tres Presents: Cinco” on July 21st. The album features songs by Giant Panda, C.R.A.C. (Ta’raach and Blu), Shawn Jackson, and many others, including the latest single, “Break Thru” from Paten Locke’s upcoming debut album, and an unreleased track from Co$$’s upcoming LP. So if you’re new to our music, or a long time veteran, you can expect an earful of tracks that have helped define us over the years. We here at Tres Records want to thank all of our fans because, although it’s cliché, we wouldn’t be able to put any of this out without you.

So thanks, and here’s to another 5.....

Track List

1.Shawn Jackson / Feelin’ Jack
2. Johnson & Jonson / The Only Way
3. Paten Locke / Funky Hit Record
4. CO$$ / Khakis & Taylors…
5. Big Tone / Business
6. C.R.A.C. / Love Don’t
7. Giant Panda / Speakers Pop
8. New Jack Hustle / New Shades
9. Y Society / Never Off (On & ON)
10. Big Tone / A Song Called Triumph feat. Blu
11. Shawn Jackson / Here We Go Again feat. CO$$
12. DJ Alibi / One Day Remix feat. J-Live
13. Giant Panda / Laser Ray
14. Johnson & Jonson / Half A Knot
15. Paten Locke / Break Thru


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