Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I did a phone interview with a blog Plug One today. We are releasing digital compilation album to commemorate our 5th year anniversary. The interview was about TRES and the compilation (I will post more info about the compilation soon). It was my first time to do a phone interview by myself in English. I have done a lot of phone interviews with my group, Giant Panda. But, when we do interview for Giant Panda, Newman, Maanumental, and I are on the phone and I usually don't talk much. As you probably have figured out, my English is not very good. My native language is Japanese. I write better than speaking in English, so you can probably imagine how thick my accent is when I speak. I would like to thank Mosi (the interviewer) for being so patient! We talked about 45 minutes. It was fun (at least for me). The interview will be up at their blog in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting.

Speaking of accent, my partner Sausen is also Japanese. He does most of our artwork and web site things. When he sends me 12" label file, the file name always contains "rabel".


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