Monday, July 20, 2009

Muay Thai

I have a friend who is a professional Muay Thai kickboxer. His name is Koji Iijima a.k.a. Sensei. Sensei was 4 time K-2 champion about 10 years ago. He retired once and decided to come back last year.
He had a match at Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday, 7/18. I, of course went to see it. Before I got there, my friend who were also going to see the match called me and told me that the commissioner told Sensei and his opponent different weight limit by mistake. The weight limit Sensei was informed was 10 pound lighter than supposed to be. He could have canceled the match, but decided to fight anyways. Of course, his opponent looked a lot bigger. It seemed they were in completely different weight. It was surprising that the commissioner let them fight. The match was for 5 round of 3 minutes.
Although two fighters looked they were in different weight, it was a great match. The first couple of rounds seemed they were even. But, in the third round, it was obvious that Sensei was getting exhausted, although there was no critical hit for either of them yet. Unfortunately, the doctor stopped the match and did not allow Sensei to fight the forth round. Sensei lost.
I wanted to see him win, but it was still great to be there and see his match. He is 36 year old (two years older than me), but still can fight against 21 year old fighter who was 10 pound heavier than him. That was incredible to me. Maybe, I should start learning Muay Thai. It might not be too late.


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