Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paten Locke / Break Thru 12" coming soon!!!

Just picked up Paten's 12" from the pressing plant. It came out great.
Big shout out to Gordon from HHV!!! Thank you for the great art work!
This 12" contains three brand new tracks from Paten. All three songs are uploaded in the music payler at TRES Myspace page. The release date of this 12" is June 30th. The release date on iTunes is July 7th. We changed the design for the 12" label. This title is the first one with the new design.

When I picked up the records, I noticed that the pressing plant did not seem busy. Their shipping department was empty. They have always been busy and our order never have been completed as it was scheduled. For past few titles, our order was completed on time. I guess not many people are making vinyl or CDs.


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