Monday, June 8, 2009

Live at the Korean BBQ

I met up with Blu's manager, Jon for dinner this evening. Since our office is located in Korea town, there is a lot of Korean restaurant near our office. We decided to go to Tofu House to get some Korean BBQ and sundubu. I brought some copies of new Johnson & Jonson 12" for Blu.
Jon is a busy guy. In addition to managing Blu, he does press for several labels. Now, he is working on 5 different titles. Ubiquity recently asked him to support the press campaign for new Sa-Ra's album.
According to Jon, Blu is working on his new album to be released from Warner. He told me there will be a lot of live elements on the album. I am looking forward to Blu's new music!



  1. funny title. your blog rules chikara!


  2. thanks, alex.
    yeah, this title was a good one.