Monday, June 22, 2009

HVW8 art gallery

Yesterday, I went to HVW8 (pronounced Heavy Weight) art gallery. HVW8 is a group of artists and musicians based in LA. They have a gallery on Melrose and represent Parra in West Coast. They had Parra's art show at their gallery in May. When I went there, they still had some Parra's artwork hung on the wall. I am a big fan of his artwork.
My friend, Max is a part of HVW8 crew. I stopped by at the gallery to say what's up to him. I also brought some promos for him. He gave me a T-shirt!
On second and forth Sunday, they have DJs or musicians play music and have BBQ at the gallery. They record the session and put up on their podcast.
I will definitely come to the next BBQ & Podcast session. The next one is this coming Sunday, 6/28.


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