Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CHIKARAMANGA feat. Droop Capone

Have you heard Droop Capone's 12 inch "Deep Impact"? It came out in 1999. All 4 songs on this 12" were produced by Thes One (of People Under The Stairs). I bought this 12" at Fat Beats LA when they were still at Vermont Ave location. I didn't know Droop, Thes, or People Under The Stairs at that time. I bought it just because the label design was CTI Records's design. Since I bought it, the record has always been in my record bag when I DJ. Maybe not always, but most of the times. Ever since I heard the song, "Deep Impact", I've wanted to do a track with him. Today, it came true.
I gave him my beat CD a couple of month ago hoping he could do a track for my project. He rapped on one of the beats and today, I got his vocal parts from him. The song came out very nice. I am looking forward to mixing it. This song is going to be one of my 7 inch series.


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