Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Artist, Paten Locke

Our new artist, Paten Locke's first 12", "Break Thru" (vinyl / digital) will be out on June 30th. Paten is also known as Therapy. He is a MC/DJ/Producer from Jacksonville FL, and a member of Asomov / The ABs and The Smile Rays. I met him at A3C Hip Hop festival in 2007 when my group Giant Panda performed. When he came to LA for Mr. Lif and Akrobatik's show (he was a tour DJ for them)last year, we had a chance to hang out. I told him he should put together a solo project since he can rap, make beats, and DJ really well. That's how we started working together. He recently finished recording 14 tracks for his first solo album, "Super Ramen Rocketship". The album is slated to be released on September 22nd. All three songs on "Break Thru" 12" are off of the album. I just uploaded those songs on TRES's myspace page. Check it out!


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