Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ta'Raach stopped by the office today.
He is a producer / MC from Detroit. He has a group with Blu called, C.R.A.C. We put out their album, "The Piece Talks" last year. It is out of left field kind of project, but I think it is very unique and has offered something new to the scene.

I have known Ta'raach about 5 years. Newman from Giant Panda met him at some club in LA and introduced him to me. TRES put out his 12" single, "Yeah!" in 2005. That was our first time to work with Ta'Raach. "Yeah!" 12" is definitely one of my favorite 12"s TRES has put out. It is a raw Detroit sound 12".

I remember he brought his MPC2000 to my apartment and we made a beat together once. It was very interesting to see how he makes beats. I was very impressed at the way he programed the bass.

We are hoping to put out his new music soon.


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