Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Artist, Paten Locke

Our new artist, Paten Locke's first 12", "Break Thru" (vinyl / digital) will be out on June 30th. Paten is also known as Therapy. He is a MC/DJ/Producer from Jacksonville FL, and a member of Asomov / The ABs and The Smile Rays. I met him at A3C Hip Hop festival in 2007 when my group Giant Panda performed. When he came to LA for Mr. Lif and Akrobatik's show (he was a tour DJ for them)last year, we had a chance to hang out. I told him he should put together a solo project since he can rap, make beats, and DJ really well. That's how we started working together. He recently finished recording 14 tracks for his first solo album, "Super Ramen Rocketship". The album is slated to be released on September 22nd. All three songs on "Break Thru" 12" are off of the album. I just uploaded those songs on TRES's myspace page. Check it out!


Monday, May 25, 2009

new New Jack Hustle Video!

hello blog land! newman from giant panda here. after a long period between shooting and today, the video for "Lionel" from the New Jack Hustle (me and Shawn Jackson) album "Sound Check" is ready for the world. Filmed on location at the old 360 Vinyl (shout to Kez and the crew) in Portland, OR. and featuring our main maynard, Ohmega Watts. check for cameos from such PDX luminaries as DJ Matt Nelkin and Ronin Roc. props to anyone who can name all the records used in the video. enjoy!

"Lionel" - New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson & Newman) from Isaac Lane on Vimeo.

CO$$ / Tomorrow's Yesterday FREE DOWNLOAD

Just noticed the download link for CO$$'s mixtape, "Tomorrow's Yesterday" on TRES myspace page was expired.
Bad look... Sorry. I put up a new link.
You can also download it from here. All the songs on "Tomorrow's Yesterday" are exclusive for this mixtape.

We are releasing his 12" in July and album in October.
I met Co$$ through Blu. They have known each other for long time.
For some of you who might not know Co$$, here is his bio.

Troy “Co$$” Johnson was born on the South Westside of Los Angeles in a small community east of Crenshaw called “Leimert Park” one of the United State’s top spots for Jazz and home to many of LA‘s finest hip hop artists. He started rapping at the age of 14.
Troy’s father died when he was 15, possibly the most pivotal time in his life. While still having a religious foundation academically, he began hanging out in the street, making affiliations with gangs and gang members, helping give him a balance perspective wise. It’s the reason Co$$ is both conscious AND STREET, bad and good, yin and yang. The movement is truly and sincerely universal. He truly does it for the thugs and nerds alike, scholars and elementary school drop outs. He wants to show that the West coast has a lot to offer as far as diversity and innovation is concerned, it’s definitely not all khakis and tailors, although he proudly represents the khakis and tailors aspect. Most importantly, Co$$’s goal is to humanize the common day MC, to remind people that rappers are just regular people with regular people problems. For every record he puts out, he wants people to evolve with him, to share in the experience of existence. Co$$ is Ca$hUSKing and Ca$hUSKing is evolution.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

This one is for 7" collectors

It is always exciting to receive a test pressing from the pressing plant.
We just received the test pressing for Big Tone/ Chocolate 7".
Side A is vocal version and side B is instrumental.
It will be out late June.

I always want to get my favorite song on 7", even though the songs is on the LP.
"Chocolate" is my favorite song on "The Art Of Ink." This is a good song to play out.

On this song, Dwele is playing the horns.
He is a talented musician. I knew he could play keys, but I didn't know he could play horns. Amazing. Ta'raach told me he, Tone, Dwele, and elZhi grew up together in Detroit. They have a crew together called, Breakfast Club.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Damu's solo project!

Some of you might already know, but Damu The Fudgemunk from Y Society did a solo project called "Same Beat". Damu did beats and raps on this project. He is nice on the mic! You can check out the songs at Wonkabeats.

I met Damu when he came to LA for Panacea's video shoot in 2005. He was a show DJ for Panacea that time. When we met, he gave me two beat CDs and told me he wanted to do a project with TRES. We really liked his beats, but we thought it would be better if he could work with a MC to put together a project. A few weeks after I told him that idea, he called me up and told me he found a MC to work with. That was Insight. That's how Y Society was formed. Check out Y Society's first album, "Travel At Your Own Pace".


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ta'Raach stopped by the office today.
He is a producer / MC from Detroit. He has a group with Blu called, C.R.A.C. We put out their album, "The Piece Talks" last year. It is out of left field kind of project, but I think it is very unique and has offered something new to the scene.

I have known Ta'raach about 5 years. Newman from Giant Panda met him at some club in LA and introduced him to me. TRES put out his 12" single, "Yeah!" in 2005. That was our first time to work with Ta'Raach. "Yeah!" 12" is definitely one of my favorite 12"s TRES has put out. It is a raw Detroit sound 12".

I remember he brought his MPC2000 to my apartment and we made a beat together once. It was very interesting to see how he makes beats. I was very impressed at the way he programed the bass.

We are hoping to put out his new music soon.


Monday, May 18, 2009

New Johnson & Jonson 12"

Johnson & Jonson (Blu and Mainframe) / The Only Way 12" (vinyl / digital) will be out on June 2nd.
There is a bonus instrumental track by Mainframe on this 12".

Also, instrumental version of Johnson & Jonson album will be available digitally soon.
I will keep you posted.


Friday, May 15, 2009

CHIKARAMANGA's new project

This is Chikara from TRES / Giant Panda.
I am working on my new project. It is going to be me on beats and my friends on raps 7 inch series. Big Tone, CO$$, Shawn Jackson, Paten Locke and more will be featured.
Today, I mixed the song with Dillon. Dillon is a MC from Atlanta. I met him at A3C Hip Hop festival in 2007. He is dope. The song came out really nice. As soon as we finish the mastering, I will upload it here.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Tone "The Art Of Ink" double vinyl in stores now!

I picked up Big Tone / The Art Of Ink LPs from the pressing plant on Monday.
It is already available at Fat Beats LA, Amoeba LA, and Tres's ebay store.
and will be available at stores outside of LA within a week.
The sound quality of this LP is very good. Loud and bright.
It was mixed and mastered well, which made my job a lot easier.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Straight from TRES office!

This is Chikara from TRES / Giant Panda.

It is kind of late, but we decided to start a blog so that we can let you know what is going on at TRES.

Right now, TRES is basically my partner, Sausen and I. I am doing most of the business side of things for the label.

We are working on a lot of new projects.

I will keep you updated.